Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Top Kids Dentist in Edgewater, NJ

You want your kids to grow up with all the benefits of having nice healthy teeth and an attractive smile; But who is the best pediatric dentist in Edgewater for kids to see? While your general dentist is probably someone you know and trust with your dental health, there are various reasons why it can be better to take your kid to see the a kids dentist in Edgewater. This is because a pediatric dentist specializes in providing comprehensive dental care for kids, right from their very first dental visit until their late teens. They are general dentists who have chosen to complete several years more of advanced training so they can dedicate their careers to looking after kids dental needs. This ensures your kids will see someone who truly loves treating kids and who will know exactly how to relate to them, making it easy for them to understand their dental care and to learn about the importance of good dental health. At Pediatric Dental Health Center Cliffside Park we work hand in hand with national and local organizations, and agencies to advance dental health of our kids.,330c0687d324f2ef

Pediatric dentists are the best kids dentist edgewater nj and also able to treat kids and adults with special needs, providing care for those with cerebral palsy, Downs’s syndrome cleft palate and other craniofacial issues, and with learning or developmental disabilities. Much of the dental care provided by pediatric dentist in Edgewater and will focus on disease prevention. This is accomplished through regular dental checkups, including risk assessments for cavities or tooth decay. You will also find our pediatric dentist in Edgewater offers personalized advice on brushing and flossing for very young kids and as they get older we can instruct them on how to clean their own teeth effectively, providing them guidelines that will stick with them for life. Other treatments involve diet and nutrition recommendations as well as regular cleanings and fluoride treatments to keep young teeth strong and healthy. As they get older we are likely to suggest they have dental sealants applied to their adult back teeth soon after they emerge, providing further protection against tooth decay.

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau has defined children and adolescents with special health care needs(SHCN) as those “who have or are at increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally.” Provision of oral health care to children and adolescents with SHCN requires specialized knowledge, increased awareness and attention, as well as accommodations. There is no reason why children and adolescents with the most serious conditions have to seek care from community-based health centers or general practices, where oral health professionals may lack the required knowledge and skills to serve these patients adequately. Many general dentists neither have the educational preparation or the experience to effectively manage care for children and adolescents with SHCN. About half of the dental schools in the United States provide students with less than 5 hours of classroom instruction and less than 5 percent of clinical time devoted to providing care for children and adolescents with SHCN.

The majority of parents dread taking their special need child to a dentist in New Jersey, and with good reason: few kids can tolerate even minor dental procedures without becoming frightened or anxious. For this reason, children with SHCN have a high prevalence of carious lesions, poor oral hygiene, and more periodontal disease in comparison to their ordinary counterparts and dental care is often delayed to the point where surgery and general anesthesia become necessity. Taking these children to a special needs dentist new jersey that can provide the specialized care they need, will potentially alleviate dental health issues down the road. Most of the time children with special needs present a challenge to the dental community. Using a special needs dentist in New Jersey can make a trip to the dentist much easier for these children. These kids require all of the dental services that are provided to the typical child, but are often faced with obstacles and struggle:

  • They are often orally sensitive which makes it difficult and often impossible to provide everyday at home oral care.
  • Their caregivers avoid the dental visit because of pre-conceived fears about the difficulties associated with a routine dental visit

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